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Staff Directory

Joshua Cox

Director of Technology

Joshua Cox has 15+ years of experience in Server Administration and software development. He stood as lead developer/architect for HostGator.com's front end network server cluster. He has made vital contributions to HostGator's front end...

John Van Lowe

Director of Operations

John has a diverse technical background with prior experience in semiconductor manufacturing, aircraft maintenance, and web hosting. He is passionate about the preservation of a free and open Internet. When he isn't helping others establish the...

Jeff Cullinane

Social Enterprise Attorney

Jeff Cullinane is an attorney specializing in providing legal services to nonprofits and social enterprises, including cooperative associations. The Cullinane Law Group provides start up and business formation advice as well as general counsel...

Brian Modansky

Executive Director

An enthusiastic futurist with over 12 years of experience in the web hosting industry.