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Add International DNS Failover

To make use of DNS failover the Coop uses a third DNS resolver which is geographically located in Chicago. This provides a failover in the event that services are ever rendered inaccessible in the Houston datacenter. Would it be possible to configure an additional name server internationally? This would permit mail and DNS resolution external to the United States in the event of any adverse network obstruction.

Add Reseller Services

We would like to have the ability to reseller hosting services. Since WebHosting.coop uses cPanel for the website control panel, we would like to use WHM to resell hosting service. The reseller account would have the ability for website designers and other internet professionals to make a business reselling the web hosting from WebHosting.coop.

Training Class Request - WordPress

Would it be possible to get a class configured for members that would walk through the basics of creating a site with WordPress? It would be beneficial to cover basic installation, choosing a theme, adding a post or page, and plugin management. A brief overview of updates, security, and backups would also be of great value to those who are expanding their web presense with this open source tool.

We would like to know how many users are on our server in your bi-weekly transparency reports. This will help us understand how the resources of the server are being used.

Add wp-cli and drush to web nodes

Request to add wp-cli and drush binaries to coop services by default for nodes where WordPress / Drupal based sites are configured. wp-cli.org https://github.com/wp-cli/wp-cli/ http://drush.ws/ https://github.com/drush-ops/drush This will allow automated updates and other scripted functions that would typically require human interaction via a web based GUI.

Support Distributed DNS Networks

Add resolvers for cooperative hosts to permit the lookup of Top Level Domains associated with decentralized Domain Name Service providers (an example being the .bit domains functional on the NMC / Namecoin network).