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The New American Dream - Greed or Prosperity?

Sat, 11/14/2015 - 6:25pm -- Brian Modansky
Saturday, November 14, 2015

Technology is created always with a goal in mind. In America, the majority of our businesses aim to create technology to gain revenue and bring a return to shareholders. It is plain to see that technology can create new financial opportunities and most businesses look to hire people who can bring technological innovation to their companies.

The American dream of prosperity and freedom has taken a unique twist of fate. Once looked at as a way to provide and create abundance for you and your family has turned into a collection of pyramid schemes. Education has become a failing business with no return on investment. Students are going into debt to graduate and then having been shoved into the real worl are not able to find a job. Greed has overcome the ethics of traditional business. Businesses are trying to find innovative ways to use technology in order to maximize their financial growth while being negligent about how their innovations cause many of the problems we face in our society like unemployment, insecurity, poverty, hunger, and depression.

Technology offers many unique advantages for its creators besides just creating wealth. It allows us to connect the world and bring in a new kind of existence where people no longer suffer and can experience a better quality of life. It allows us to determine the type of future we want to live in. Technology is simply a tool to bring about the results of a desired goal.

We must think of new ways to use technology in order to change the fabric of our social foundations. We must modernize foundational structures like business models, education systems, and the economy in order to help society evolve to a positive outcome. We must ensure that the goals for the creation of technology is built with the focus of increasing the quality of life for it's users.

Innovation often occurs when there is a need for an outcome or need to fix a problem. First, the idea takes shape when someone makes a connection between 2 or more factors and applies a visionary use case to fill the need. This is the point in the process which is most vital and determines the actions taken next to bring the idea to life. Culture has always prevented change, but we now have the power to use technology to shape a new future.

The digitally connected world allows us to share ideas and gives us the ability to work together to build a future of abundance and freedom for all. Our focus and attention must be on creating a new future with people in mind. Laws are passed to counteract symptoms, while we the root causes in place ensuring the cycle will repeat. Instead of trying to fight against systems that are built on financial slavery, we can use our talents to work together to think of new ways to solve many important issues which are facing our society today. Entire business models can evolve to bring new benefits to all. Education can be freely shared and new schools can be created to educate people on subject matters that really make a difference in that person's future.

I believe a lot of people are now realizing that they can create anything they put their our minds to and are waking up to the fact that technology has much better advantages than just simply creating wealth. The world is full of bright people and I believe 99% of them are good hearted people and if they refocus their attention to creating technology to help increase people's quality of life then we can build a prosperous future for all of us. Together, It is up to us to mold the new American dream. What will you choose? Greed or Prosperity?